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As a computer graphics designer, I am working with creating three-dimensional models, images, animations and real-time graphics, such as virtual reality, representing things that do not yet exist or that are difficult to film or photograph.

I can work in most industries that use 3D graphics in various ways. Typically with product development, by creating and/or refining models of products that have not yet started to be manufactured. I can also do technical visualisations comprehensive for the average eye, or delicate animations work for marketing purposes.


Hi, my name is Albert Åkesson.
I am 39 years old, experienced 3D artist in the automotive industry. I consider myself a generalist with the most of my assignments leaning to VR and real-time graphics. Although I've been doing a lot of classical product visualizations lately, including some interior architecture.

On my spare time I do lot of physical activities, mostly at the gym, yet of course I'm doing lot of computer time too. I'm interested in philosophy, natural science, art history and other things that have to do with psychology and cognition. Typically things to which I have dedicated the main page on Livsfrågor. I also have a passion for computer games and sci-fi/fantasy narratives. I'm genrally not the competitive type when it comes to gaming, which made me realize I love creating real-time scenes just as much as playing them.


CG Artist
RapidImages to IKEA
Time period: 2022 [mars] - 2022 [augusti]

Due to shortage of 3D Artists in Kharkiv, Ukraine because of the war, a team at RapidImages had to stand in for production of 3D Assets in the IKEA store. Over a time of six months I teached myself Marvelous Designer to simulate realistic fabrics in 3D. Then re-medelling these objects in 3DS Max to match IKEA's standards for photo realism, UV-mapping and texurizing pillows and duvet covers.


CG Artist
RapidImages to Volvo Cars
Time period: 2021 [okt] - 2022 [mars]

Yet another task involving product visualization. This time I had the pleasure of getting to know the so-called "configurator". A relatively complicated process that includes exactly all parts and designs for VCC's visualization process. The assignment mostly included the arrangement of rims with tires. At the same time as I came to this assignment working with VRED. Here I also learned a lot about what they called "Descriptive Studio" making  advanced lighting for cars.


CG Artist
Time period: 2021 [jan] - 2021 [july]

Product visualization including animation for marketing and design. I had the oppertunity to establish my own 3D-studio from scratch, and also make all my contacts with other companies including the CELLINK branch internationally. I was assigned to my own pipeline from CAD models to visualization, which I used to animations in Autodesk Maya and Blender.

3D Visualization
 to Volvo CE, Volvo Bus and Volvo Trucks
Time period: 2015 [july] - 2020 [july]

Consulting assignment for Volvo Group; helping  designers visualize their CAD drawings into images, making videos and real-time scenes. Such as animations, VR and more.
Other assignment for Alten; making real-time grap
hics for SSPA, a simulation of Bockholmssundet. And som other 3D rendered pictures for ventilations systems in surgical rooms.

Warehouse and Courier Work
Big Room
Time period: 2010 [may] - 2013 [sept]

Warehouse-related work, cleaning and making furniture deliveries. Also some image editing for advertising and design for price tags. This gave me plenty of experience to responsibility and planning as well as insight into working life. Taught me to find and drive a car in Gothenburg. Can also assemble and repair furniture like never before.

- - - - -





Computer Graphic Design, YRGO
Started: 2013
Completed: 2015
Exam: yes

A new tool for engineers, architects, teachers, game manufacturers, advertising agencies, designers, artists or other professional groups where you need to be able to show different environments and objects even though they are not always available in the physical world.

Artistic painting, Göteborgs Konstskola
Started: 2007
Completed: 2009
Exam: yes

Preventive artistic education before university. Includes both art history and color theory, but above all practical education with sketching, drawing, acrylic and oil.

Folk High School with a focus on watercolor, Billströmska
Started: 2006
Completed: 2007
Exam: yes

High school qualification with a special focus on watercolor painting. Giving further immersion in painting, as I mostly devoted myself to drawing before.


Web Animation, Eksjö KY
Started: 2003
Completed: 2004

Basic training in Photoshop, Illustrator and networking. Plus in-depth courses in Flash and Maya. Good practical media training that also offered a lot of practice in animation, camera management and sound editing.

Aesthetic, gymnasium art & form, Brinellskolan
Started: 2000
Completed: 2003
Exam: yes

General art and design high school education. Including cultural history, basic graphics and media education as well as special focus on drawing and painting.


- - - - -

Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, etc.
Photoshop (4), Illustrator (3), After Effects (3), Premiere (2)
Maya (4), Blender (2), 3DS Max (3), Unity3D (2), Unreal Engine (3), Mudbox (1),
(2), Sketchup (1), Revit (1), 3D Excite - DeltaGen (3), VRED (2), Marvelous (2)

Swedish - native
English - floating
French - very little

Class B Driver's License

Given on request

- - - - -


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